April 2016

A Message from the Management…

March has been an exciting and busy month for all of us.

During March we celebrated St David’s Day were all the children dressed up in yellow as well as St Patrick’s Day where everyone dressed up in green. This was a great opportunity for the children to learn about Wales and Ireland and their traditions.

World Book Day has been lots of fun—we celebrated this on 3rd March. All the children have made a great effort in dressing up in their favourite book character.

Just before Easter the children have enjoyed a visit from 2 bunny rabbits. The children learned about them and how we care for them.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support.

For Sport Relief the children in Chilli Peppers pre-prep and Grand Peppers preschool have had great fun racing on their scooters and bikes. We would like to thank you for all your donations for this cause, we have raised £57.48.

Grand peppers have enjoyed a fantastic experience with Oliver Dunn Chocolatier making their very own chocolate Easter Eggs on 21st March. Seeing children’s excitement and enjoyment from this activity we have decided to bring Mr Oliver Dunn back to the nursery on 17th June where the pre-prep children from Chilli Peppers will have the chance to make their very own chocolate medals for Father’s Day.

We have been observing the life cycle of our caterpillars. We have also learnt about the life cycle of the frog, observing the tadpoles and watching how they grow and develop.

For April we have more exciting activities planned for all our children. Just a reminder of these:

22nd April we will be celebrating St George’s Day.

29th April Grand Peppers children will go on a trip to Macclesfield Silk Museum—all children taking part in this trip should have received a letter informing them of the details for this. If you are a parent and would like to volunteer please speak to a member of staff within the Grand Peppers room.

We are all very excited about the new preschool room being built and we will keep you informed with the progress.

We would like to thank you for all your votes and fantastic feedback we have received for the NDNA Nursery Awards. The voting has now been closed and the shortlisting will be done next week. We are having our fingers crossed for this and we will keep you informed.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support.







Important Information

Please can all parents ensure that their child is collected at 1pm or 6pm prompt. If children are left after this time this interferes with ratios and the setting is not insured outside of our opening times.

Could parents please refrain from bringing hair clips for the under 2 year olds as this can be a choking hazard.

We politely request that parents dropping off or collecting children at 1pm after the morning session to consider that there are sleeping children and enter the unit quietly so that the children sleeping are not disturbed.

Please could your child refrain from bringing money or toys with small parts that could come loose into the nursery as this can be a choking hazard. Comfort toys are accepted.

As you are aware we have numerous children with dietary requirements please could you ensure that your child does not take food or drinks into any rooms

Our local children’s hairdresser Little Big Heads now come to Pepperberry every 6 weeks so please keep an eye out for the posters and book in for the next time they come in.

If you are on Facebook please ‘like’ Pepperberry’s page. I would like to say a big Thank You to those parents/carers who have already made a comment on our facebook page. All comments are very much appreciated. www.facebook.com/pepperberrydaynurseries

When arriving and leaving the nursery can parents/carers please drive slowly and take care when parking to avoid any accidents.

Get to know our staff

Each month in our newsletter we introduce you to a new member of our staff team where they tell you a little more about themselves. This is to help you get to know the staff a bit better.

This month we will be introducing Kimberly Jack. Kimberly works in Baby  Peppers.

Kimberley Jack

Kimberly works in Baby Peppers. Kim has just been promoted to Assistant Unit Leader downstairs. Kim has been a member of our Pepperberry family since August 2012. Kim enjoys working with the babies and helping to encourage them to develop their skills. Kim is a valuable member of staff and has developed great relationships with the children, parents and staff.




What have Baby Peppers been up to this month?


Kimberley Jack (Deputy Unit Leader), Monika Kaczorowska;

This month Baby Peppers have been taking part in lots of exciting activities when celebrating Easter and Spring time. The book of the month is “How much I love you, “song of the month is “ hop little bunnies “. During the month all the children took part in creating our Easter Display when gluing and sticking a variety of textured materials as well as sponge painting our Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies. .

The children also used glue and glitter when decorating their mini Easter eggs and used a variety of different sized pom poms sticking them onto their bunny shaped Easter bonnets.

Each of the children then free painted their individual Easter Eggs using their hands to make a variety of marks with the paint.

The children had lots of fun during our Easter Egg Hunt when looking to find the hidden eggs in the shredded paper. Throughout the month of March we have been looking at Spring time, through outdoor play exploring flowers, and sand play.

On the 18’th of March We were celebrating the Sport Day that children took part in the race crawl and walkers race. The children were climbing on the large soft cushions trying to maintain more balance. We would like to say welcome to all the new children that have joined our baby peppers: Henry and Rupert.

We would like to say goodbye to Mabel and Siena who have now made their transition into Tiny Peppers. Have lots of fun in your new room.

We would also like to say a very big happy 1st birthday to Connie . We hope you had lots of fun on your special day !!!





What have Tiny Peppers been up to this month?

Becca Daniel (Unit Leader),  Debbie Banks,  Marta Skockzek, Emily Birks, Kealan Storey.

This month in Tiny Peppers we have been learning all about animals! We have had lots of exciting visitors in Tiny Peppers, including a day looking after Albus the bearded dragon, we had a turn feeling his scaly skin, feeding him his fruit and also giving him a bath! We then had a chance to look after Fluffy the hamster for an afternoon, Fluffy was very excited to explore in our book corner and was happy to let us stroke him! Finally we had a short visit from a house rabbit, he was a bit nervous but we enjoyed singing along to sleeping bunnies whilst he visited!


We have also been exploring with lots of sensory and messy activities with the jungle, farm and sea animals. We made animal prints in shaving foam, jelly baff and mouldable soap, we made footprints with paint and flour, we also made our favourite activity the cereal farm scene! Alongside these activities we have been learning how to make the different animal sounds and repeating the animal’s names.

Tiny Peppers have also been enjoying the spring sunshine this month, and have spent lots of time exploring outdoors! We had our very own tiny pepper car wash with big sponges and buckets; we have also enjoyed making marks with giant paint brushes in the big garden!

Our book of the month was The Loudest Roar! We have enjoyed joining in trying to make our own loud roars at group time and enjoyed listening to the story and meeting Clovis the tiger puppet!


The Tiny Peppers have also enjoyed lots of Easter themed activities, making Easter nest cakes, bunny and chick cones, decorating eggs and egg and spoon balancing.

Beryl has been singing some Easter songs with us and our new favourite is sleeping bunnies! We have been following the actions and love pretending to go to sleep and hopping around!

The children have started to take an interest in some spring activities so following on from this, next month we will be learning all about spring and doing lots of planting and learning about spring animals. We are excited to meet our butterflies and frogs!



What have Sweet Peppers been up to this month?

Donna Preston (Senior Practitioner), Rachael Turner, Rebecca Judge,  Kelly Lewis, Sophie Delvin, Hannah Baxter, Naila Anwar

This month in Sweet Peppers with have been enjoying activities transitioning from the Winter season to Spring season, enjoying activities such as, Easter Bonnet competitions, making Easter cards, Easter egg hunts and Easter nests. Also within Sweet Peppers the children have enjoyed Sports Relief activities, such as running around the garden and completing an obstacle course. The children of Sweet Peppers have also been provided with the opportunity to go on trips this month to the fire station and the local park.

Sweet Peppers have been learning about people who help us. The children have been reading books about different people in the environment that help us, such as a vet, a fireman, the police and the doctors. The children have also used role play and dress up to express their interest for people who help them.

The children of Sweet Peppers have been learning about animals in their environment. The animals we have seen this month have been, caterpillars and frogspawn and rabbits. The children in Sweet Peppers have enjoyed learning about the process in which the animals grow and we hope to carry on observing these animals to see how they grow over a period of time.

This month in Sweet Peppers, Larry the lamb has joined Sweet Peppers as  we have introduced Phonics in to the children’s learning, this month we have learn the letter ‘S’.

The book of the month is: George and the Dragon.

The rhyme of the month is: The Grand Old Juke of York.

Have a lovely Easter from everyone in Sweet Peppers! 🙂






What have Chilli Peppers been up to this month?

Anush Yadgari (Senior Practitioner), Hannah Ridgway, Robyn Mathews, Jehanzib Malik, Claire O’Sullivan

This month has been super exciting for the chilli peppers. We have all been excited about Easter! The children all took part in our Easter Bonnet Competition, which Elliot and Sienna won. We have also been engaged in lots of Easter activities, e.g. we made our Easter board in the room which the children helped to decorate, we have been cutting Easter bunnies out and colouring them in.
Chilli peppers had so much fun finding their own Easter egg on our Easter egg hunt, some children got that excited they opened their egg and started to eat it, we all know who they are, Ha-ha! All the children made a gorgeous Easter card for their mummies and daddies.

Hope you all have a delightful Easter eating lots of   chocolate!!

Chilli Peppers have also been learning about the process of growing sun flowers. We have been discussing with the children that the flowers need lots of sun and water. We have been looking at our flowers on daily basis talking about how much they have grown, counting their leaves. The children have really enjoyed watching their flowers grow.
One child said “WOW” when he saw his flower.

This month we have celebrated Mothers Day and the children made a beautiful card, the children told us lots of things that our mummies does with us and we put them all down underneath the petals—couldn’t fit them all on!

Our letter of the month is “i” and we have made some igloos made from salt dough and we have been practicing our letter I for our writing display.
Very well done!
The children have been thinking of different insects/ animals that begin with I, the children said Incy Wincy Spider so we made lots of incy wincy spiders and put it on our display.

Our Book of the month is –Shaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch. We have made our display painting and cutting out lots of shaggy dogs and we have been making 3D dogs.


Next Month:-
Book of the month
Jack and the Beanstalk.
Letter of the Month—”D”







What have Grand Peppers been up to this month?



Ashleigh Haselden, (Senior), Jennie Hart

This month has been extremely exciting with so many different events and activities going on.
Our book of the month has been ‘The jungle book’ in theme with our equality and diversity topic. During carpet time we have been looking at different materials and objects from different parts of the word, which has been discussed with the children.  Grand peppers have also been looking at the life cycle of the sunflower. By following step by step instruction each child planted their very own sunflower. First they was asked to write their own names on a white sticky label then, wearing gardening gloves they was to fill their plant pot with compost and using their little finger they placed a hole in the centre of their compost where their seed will be placed. The children was then given the opportunity to choose which sunflower seed they wanted to plant and put it into the hole and gently cover their seed with compost. All the children seemed to really enjoyed this activity and has done a really good job at watering them. Over the past couple of days we have been observing the sunflowers different stages of growth and we have discussed this during circle time.

Grand Peppers was extremely excited for Easter we had lots of different activities which included a Easter egg hunt in our garden, we crumbled shredded wheat into melted chocolate to create chocolate nests and decorated them with mini eggs. The children decorated a Easter card which we hope you enjoyed very much and we had an Easter bonnet competition.  We would like to thank all very much for helping and equipping your child to help them create their amazing bonnets.

This month we have been practicing some new tricky words, ‘we’, ‘he’ and ‘the’. We have been concentrating mostly on writing the letters‘d’ and ‘m’.
All the children are becoming more and more confident everyday when it comes to blending letter sounds together to read their words. I would like to thank you for your continuous support throughout your child’s learning journey at Pepperberry, both myself and Jennie are very proud of the fast  development  of each and every child over the past couple of months especially in blending and forming the letters of the alphabet.

Next month our book of the month will be—Seeds to sunflowers as we are focusing on life cycles.