July 2016

A Message from the Management…

Welcome to this month’s newsletter.

We have had a very exciting month which started with our trip to Stockley Farm for Sweet Peppers.  They had an amazing time riding on the bus, looking at and feeding the animals, having an amazing tractor ride, our picnic lunch and much more.  The children have followed on from this with doing lots of activities within the room relating to this trip.

All of the rooms have celebrated the queens birthday making crowns, cakes and biscuits.  They have all celebrated Father’s day, making cards and gifts.  The Chilli Peppers and Grand Peppers children had a visit from Mr Oliver Dunn the amazing chocolatier.  They explored how the chocolate melted.  Mr Dunn made the melted chocolate into medals and the children decorated them with white chocolate.  They had great fun, taking one home for Father’s Day and making a chocolate lolly for themselves.

The children and practitioners made the scarecrows for the Wilmslow Scarecrow Festival; these have been displayed at the entrance.

This month was my first Summer Fair as manager.  I would like to thank you all for your support in supplying our lovely filled jam jars for the tombola and the amazing raffle prizes.  Also thank you to Maria and Geoff who cooked the wonderful food on our BBQ.  We had a super day with the children playing on the fun bus, face painting, guess the weight of the cake, tombola, raffle, a demonstration from our ballroom dancers and much more.  Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to this very successful day.

With the proceeds of this, we have been able to buy a ton of play sand and soil for our garden. We have also ordered some balance bikes to enhance our outdoor physical play.


Dates for your diary July/August:-


Eid-al-fitr— July 6th/7th


Graduation Ceremony—Friday 15th July @2pm.  This is for our Pre-School Children Graduating to School


Sports Day & Barnardo’s Sponsored Toddlerthon —Wednesday 3rd August.

This year we are holding a Sponsored Toddlerthon alongside our Sports Day.  This is in support of Barnardo’s Big Toddle 2016.  The children will all be given a sponsorship form for you to obtain your sponsors.  The children will all receive a medal on completion of the toddlerthon and sports day.


Important Information

Please can all parents ensure that their child is collected at 1pm or 6pm prompt. If children are left after this time this interferes with ratios and the setting is not insured outside of our opening times.

Could parents please refrain from bringing hair clips for the under 2 year olds as this can be a choking hazard.

We politely request that parents dropping off or collecting children at 1pm after the morning session to consider that there are sleeping children and enter the unit quietly so that the children sleeping are not disturbed.

Please could your child refrain from bringing money or toys with small parts that could come loose into the nursery as this can be a choking hazard. Comfort toys are accepted.

As you are aware we have numerous children with dietary requirements please could you ensure that your child does not take food or drinks into any rooms

Our local children’s hairdresser Little Big Heads now come to Pepperberry every 6 weeks so please keep an eye out for the posters and book in for the next time they come in.

If you are on Facebook please ‘like’ Pepperberry’s page. I would like to say a big Thank You to those parents/carers who have already made a comment on our facebook page. All comments are very much appreciated. www.facebook.com/pepperberrydaynurseries

When arriving and leaving the nursery can parents/carers please drive slowly and take care when parking to avoid any accidents.

Get to know our staff

Each month in our newsletter we introduce you to a new member of our staff team where they tell you a little more about themselves. This is to help you get to know the staff a bit better.

This month we will be introducing Stephanie Halford.

Stephanie Halford

Stephanie started working with us in May 2016 and is an Early Years Practitioner in Tiny Peppers. Stephanie has always had a passion for working with young children and has been working with all age groups, from 3 months old to Primary School leavers, since 2004. She has     settled in to Pepperberry extremely well over the past couple of months and we are delighted to have her as part of the team.

What have Baby Peppers been up to this month?

Kimberley Jack (Deputy Unit Leader), Robyn Matthews

Throughout June Baby Peppers have been taking part in a lot of fun activities surrounding our topic of the month, transport.  We have had lots of sensory fun   exploring different materials with transport. The children enjoyed playing with sawdust with small and big cars.

We have had lots of fun sitting and listening to transport songs and copying the actions to the songs, by moving our bodies. The children especially enjoyed singing the wheels on the bus, row row your boat and down at the station.

Also we have been to a trip to Wilmslow town center, the children enjoyed looking at the all the different transport that we saw such as cars, buses and people riding bikes.

To enhance our experience the children looked at different types of books,  we especially liked the touchy feely books and feeling the different textures , rough, smooth.

We have created a baby’s art gallery and have also been painting with lots of different materials. The children have been gluing and sticking with glitter, tissue paper and have been making marks with sponges.

I would also like to say a big welcome to Robyn, who joins the baby team from upstairs and will be taking over      Monika’s key children. We wish Monika well on the impending birth of her child, due in September.

Our topic next month is the Jungle. The book of the month is “That’s not my Lion” and our song of the month will be “Down in the Jungle where nobody goes…”





What have Tiny Peppers been up to this month?

Becca Daniel (Unit Leader),  Debbie Banks, Marta Skockzek, Emily Birks, Kealan Storey, Ashlee Gill, Caryn Malach, Stephanie Halford.

This month in Tiny Peppers we have been learning all about our topic under the sea! The children have been really interested in our story and often request to listen to it at group time ‘There was an old Lady who swallowed the sea’.
We have been exploring with the book and puppets, we have encouraged the children to name the different animals. and take an interest in the pictures.

We have had lots of sensory activities on offer this month including, hair gel, shaving foam, moon dough & cereal. We have created several under the sea themed table top activities where the children have experienced these different sensory materials and also explored with the sea animals. We have worked really hard on our new summer display board, thank-you to all of our parents who sent some photos in to add to this, we have really enjoyed seeing your holiday pictures! We have enjoyed making paper jelly fish, printing with sea animal sponges and making our own beach pictures with sand! We have used these fantastic pictures to make up our display.  Outside we have been exploring in the sand pit with the buckets, spades and moulds developing our interest in making marks.

During rhythm time we have enjoyed exploring with the musical instruments, trying out different sounds along to the music!

We also helped to do lots of baking for our summer fair! We enjoyed baking flapjacks and biscuits! Next month our book of the month is going to be The Gruffalo…. We will be continuing with our interest in baking and we will be making lots of gruffalo themed dishes!

We would like to say goodbye to some of our Tiny Peppers who have moved into Sweet Peppers this month! We hope you have lots of fun in your new room.




What have Sweet Peppers been up to this month?

Donna Preston (Senior Practitioner), Rebecca Judge, Rachael Turner, Hannah Baxter, Naila Anwar, Kyrstie Saxon

This month in Sweet Peppers we said Goodbye and Good Luck to Sophie, and wish her well for the future. We have been enjoying preparing for the Summer Fair and helping the children to get involved and stuck in by making cakes for the cake decorating stall, the children have also been taking part in a lot of creative play activities, from free painting to craft pictures for our room displays. The children have enjoyed making and creating individual father’s day cards this month for father day and talked about why our dads are special to us. The children also have been on a trip this month to Stockley Farm, learning about the animals and learn about how they grow and develop. The children have also been exploring different environments on weekly trips   going to places such as, the cars, the town centre and going on further trips such as to the library and to the fire station and police station. The children have been out in all weathers this month exploring their environment in different weathers. The children have been working on recognising and identifying numbers, letters and shapes this month.






What have Chilli Peppers been up to this month?

Anush Yadgari (Senior Practitioner), Hannah Ridgway, Claire O’Sullivan

This month has been a busy month for Chilli Peppers. It has been Fathers Day and the children all made some beautiful ties for Daddy’s to wear. I hope you wore them to work Ha Ha.  It had a beautiful poem inside which we hope you liked.

We had a special visit from the chocolate man, he made beautiful medals for our daddies on father’s day, and we also had some chocolate to taste which was very yummy. The Chocolate man also made the children a yummy chocolate lollypop with their names on it.

We have had a fun activity this month with Claire; we made foil boats to see if they would float in a tray full of water. (The room ended up a big river). The children all took their time with care to make their little boats, some floated but some just sunk.

We explained to the children that nursery was having a fun day with loads of activities and games including decorating cakes, so we all as a big group made lots of cakes for the children to decorate on the Summer Fair.

Our book of the month this month is The Ginger Bread Man, we have been decorating ginger bread men, talking about how many buttons they have and where they go, we have been cutting around them. We have also been making masks of the characters of the story. We have made our board with all our gingerbread men and masks.

For our letter of the month which is “M” we have been looking at different things beginning with M, we painted lots of pictures beginning with the letter M such as Maraca’s, Motorbike, Mouse, Moose, Moon, Monkey,  Millipede and Mountain.

Book of the month – “The Guffalo”

Letter of the month  – “G”


What have Grand Peppers been up to this month?

Jennie Hart, Constantine Kitromilides

This month grand peppers have been looking at being healthy and unhealthy, why we need to exercise and also talked about what good hygiene is. While looking at fruit we have explored their shapes and textures through fruit printing and we talked about which fruit are our favourite.

In Phonics we have been enjoying our action phonics game and have begun to unite to unite the letter‘s’ using the formation rhyme “down the slithery snake, stop” We have also been looking at patterns using paint and sponges which is on display in the room.

Next month we will be doing “Teddy bear travels” and we have decided that we would like him to go to America, France and Poland.

What have Pre-School Peppers been up to this month?

Ashleigh Hasleden (Senior) Jehanzib Malik, Jessica Miskell

This month Pre-school have been extremely busy preparing for their next big step in life, graduating and going to “big” primary school. We practice singing our favourite songs on a daily basis ready for our graduation ceremony in a few weeks. All the children are very excited to sing their favourite songs in front of their families.

We have been talking a lot about their new schools, new uniforms, and new teachers and looked at the different uniforms they would be wearing. Most of the pre-school teachers have visited Pepperberry to speak to Ashleigh about the children going to their school.