June 2016

A Message from the Management…

As your new Nursery Manager, may I welcome you to this month’s newsletter.

During the busy month of May, we have had many things happening throughout the nursery.  One of the most exciting things is the opening of our new Pre-School Peppers unit.  The children have all made a fantastic transition along with Ashleigh into this unit.  They have been doing lots of lovely work, most of which is displayed on the walls for you to see.

The children throughout the nursery have been watering their sunflowers and watching them grow.  These have now gone home to continue growing.

The Chilli Peppers children have had a lovely trip to the sea life centre in Trafford, looking at the different fish and sea creatures.  The staff and the children enjoyed an interactive talk about the turtles, the children were very excited about the walk under the tunnel with the sharks swimming above their heads and they each had the opportunity to stroke a star fish.  The children did some follow up work looking at fish in books, singing fish songs,  making fish etc.

All of children in nursery have been exploring the outside area in our lovely garden, taking activities outside, building an obstacle course with the tyres and planks and taking it in turns to walk along it.

We have had the class photographs taken this month.  These will be on display for you to view and order  mid June.

We have many activities and trips arranged for next month, the dates are as follows:

Sweet Peppers trip to Stockley Farm on 7th June.  Please ensure that you bring your car seat (please do not bring Isofix car seats as these will not fit in the bus).  The children will have an amazing time.

Summer Fair— Saturday 25th June.  We have a fantastic day of activities planned for you and your families.  Guess the baby (staff), jam jar tombola (please fill a jam jar and bring it into nursery to put on the tombola, a sample jam jar is on reception for you to see) , name the bear, ballroom dance display by British Champions, Kidz bus, face painting etc.  It would be lovely to see you all for a fantastic day. 

 We shall also be celebrating Father’s Day and the Queens Birthday in June. 




Important Information

Please can all parents ensure that their child is collected at 1pm or 6pm prompt. If children are left after this time this interferes with ratios and the setting is not insured outside of our opening times.

Could parents please refrain from bringing hair clips for the under 2 year olds as this can be a choking hazard.

We politely request that parents dropping off or collecting children at 1pm after the morning session to consider that there are sleeping children and enter the unit quietly so that the children sleeping are not disturbed.

Please could your child refrain from bringing money or toys with small parts that could come loose into the nursery as this can be a choking hazard. Comfort toys are accepted.

As you are aware we have numerous children with dietary requirements please could you ensure that your child does not take food or drinks into any rooms

Our local children’s hairdresser Little Big Heads now come to Pepperberry every 6 weeks so please keep an eye out for the posters and book in for the next time they come in.

If you are on Facebook please ‘like’ Pepperberry’s page. I would like to say a big Thank You to those parents/carers who have already made a comment on our facebook page. All comments are very much appreciated. www.facebook.com/pepperberrydaynurseries

When arriving and leaving the nursery can parents/carers please drive slowly and take care when parking to avoid any accidents.

Get to know our staff

Each month in our newsletter we introduce you to a new member of our staff team where they tell you a little more about themselves. This is to help you get to know the staff a bit better.

This month we will be introducing Ashleigh Haselden. Ashleigh is the senior of our pre-school room.


Ashleigh Haselden

Ashleigh started working with us in August 2012. Ashleigh was the senior in the grand Pepper unit, but moved and to run the new pre-school unit which opened 3rd May. Ashleigh enjoys seeing the children develop and transition well into their new schools when the time comes. Ashleigh is a qualified early years practitioner and also teaching assistant.  Ashleigh has a daughter at home and enjoys spending time with her family.


What have Baby Peppers been up to this month?

Kimberley Jack (Deputy Unit Leader), Monika Kaczorowska;

This month Baby Peppers have been learning all about “colours” through various free play and focused activities

Our babies were exploring different colours through a variety of resources to support our play. We have had lots of fun during our messy play activities when exploring jelly play, shaving foam, paint and water play. The children were exploring different kinds of colorful materials and shape.

The children were exploring lots of sensory experiences in our sensory room with a variety of textures, lights and different colours looking at the colorful lights and looking at their reflection in the mirrors.

The children have also enjoyed making marks using their fingers with different colours of paint and making rainbow painting with brushes. Baby peppers have also enjoyed listening to our song of the month which was “ colorful rainbow “.

As the weather was nice the children enjoyed lots of outdoor play in our beautiful garden. They took part in water play outside; the children enjoyed splashing in the water and getting each other wet.

Our babies also were on a trip to the Wilmslow Carrs Park. They were swinging on the swing and playing in the sandbox with rakes and spades.

We would like to say welcome to all the new children that have joined our Baby Peppers unit: Oliver and Sam.

We would like to say goodbye to Molly and Henry who have now made their transition into Tiny Peppers. Have lots of fun in your new room.

The next topic in our Babies Room will be “ Transport “ our book of the month will be “ I would like to be a train driver “ and the song of the month will be “ The wheels on the bus”.




What have Tiny Peppers been up to this month?

Becca Daniel (Unit Leader),  Debbie Banks,  Marta Skockzek, Emily Birks, Kealan Storey, Ashlee Gill.

This month in Tiny Peppers we have been doing lots of exciting activities around our book of the month ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have created a new display to show off some of these activities, please come and take a look!  We put together some props to link to the story and the children have enjoyed joining in and listening to the story during morning group time. We made our own caterpillars and butterflies using different painting and sticking techniques.

Our favourite activity this month has definitely been food tasting! Firstly we visited the local supermarket for the children to choose and buy some of the foods that we would be tasting. We have tried all of the different fruits and foods that the hungry caterpillar eats through the story, including watermelon, strawberries, salami, pickles, cheese, cupcakes, pear, apple & plum. We even baked our own chocolate chip muffins! We then used some of these foods to make marks in paint and print onto paper.
We have spent lots of time in our outdoor area this month, we joined in with a caterpillar hunt, collecting the different sized laminated caterpillars that had been hidden in the garden! We collected leaves and sticks to make marks with. We have had lots of picnics outside at tea time and have also enjoyed a special session with Beryl in the garden!

The children in Tiny Peppers have also had the opportunity to develop their role play skills; we set up our own fruit and vegetable stall in our home corner using pretend food, money and a till!

We have started to plant some seeds this month in our garden, we have planted some tomato’s and poppy seeds, we will be carrying on with this next month and hopefully watch our plants grow!

We are also starting to put together our summer holidays board, if you have any photographs from your summer activities/holidays please bring them in for our board.




What have Sweet Peppers been up to this month?

Donna Preston (Senior Practitioner), Rebecca Judge, Rachael Turner, Sophie Delvin,  Hannah Baxter, Naila Anwar

This month in Sweet Peppers we have enjoyed a range of fun activities. Within Sweet Peppers the children have been learning about the seasons of the year. The children have been talking about Summer and how in Summer new life is born, such as animals, for example. Lambs, chicken and calves. The children have also been learning about how plants grow by food, water and nourishment. The children are looking forward to their visit to Stockley Farm next month and furthering their knowledge on how plants and animals grow and develop.

Also this month the children have been producing a lot of their own work for the displays around the room, including the book and rhyme of the month (Noah’s Ark and Animal Fair.)

Also this month we have celebrated World Day of Culture and Diversity, for this the children did a range of activities such as understanding where certain foods came from and understanding different cultural backgrounds and how these are celebrated around the world.

We look forward to seeing you next month and creating more memories.


What have Chilli Peppers been up to this month?

Anush Yadgari (Senior Practitioner),  Hannah Ridgway, Robyn Mathews,  Claire O’Sullivan


May has been a busy month in Chilli Peppers. The children have been doing activities related to our letter of the month ‘c’ including making cats, painting cherries, using handprints to make crabs, writing the letter c and much more!

The children made the most of the sunny days and enjoyed choosing toys to take out with them, including the wooden blocks and musical instruments. We also had sack races in the garden to see who could jump the quickest. They also had many picnics outside for tea, frequently followed by ice lollies!

This month we have also been thinking about different fruit and vegetables; colouring, painting and cutting lots of pictures for our display. The children have also been practising using a knife to cut their own fruit for snack time including bananas and strawberries.

The children have had a messy month as they have been exploring different textures. This including dried pasta shapes, jelly, cereals, animals hiding in hay and gloop (cornflour and water).

Most of the Chilli Peppers children went on a trip to The Sea Life Centre near the Trafford Centre. They had a fantastic time looking at the fish, sharks, string rays, crabs and jelly fish. Some of them were even brave enough to gently stroke the starfish! The fun-filled morning was finished off with a play in the soft play area, followed by a sleepy coach trip back. In the afternoon the children decorated fish and pretended that they were swimming through water.

The letter of the month for June will be ‘m’. Our book of the month will be ‘The Gingerbread Man’.



What have Grand Peppers been up to this month?

Jennie Hart, Constantine Kitromilides
May has been a very busy month in Grand Peppers. Welcome to the new children, they have all settled into the Grand Pepper room really well, we had a turn at drawing our families and we have been doing our topic about diversity. Our book of the month has been Handa’s Surprise and we have tasted some of the fruits we saw in the story. Grand Peppers did some shared writing and wrote a letter to Handa asking lots of questions. We talked about what we look like, looked in the mirrors and drew some self portraits. In phonics we have begun to blend our letter sounds together using Action Phonics. The children listen to the sounds blended into a word and all do the action. For example, I say “r-u-n” and the children run. In maths we have been doing some counting and we particularly enjoy singing our count to 20 rap! Grand Peppers went to Sea life too and it was fantastic!  The children even got to stroke a starfish!  I just want to add a big thank you to the parents who helped on the trip.




What have Pre-School Peppers been up to this month?

Ashleigh Hasleden (Senior)  Jehanzib Malik

This month has been the most exciting of all with the grand opening of Preschool peppers. All the children settled in almost instantly and began learning about diversity and the adventures of Handas surprise. The children had the opportunity to taste the different fruits from Handas basket starting with exploring the skins of the different textured and coloured fruits. We spoke about what countries these fruits grown in and how we can find them in our supermarkets.
On a daily basis we still practice our jolly phonics in the morning with Carole and I use the sound button flash cards during carpet time where the children blend the sounds together to read the words together and then they each get a card to blend together themselves and share their word with their friends. All the children are doing extremely well and I’m very impressed with their daily progression, introducing new tricky words weekly.