Mrs Patel

“I felt compelled to write a quick email to let you both know how much we appreciate Rhea and the rest of the team in Chilli Peppers. Ava comes home every day telling us of the great time she has had with Rhea (with whom she has a very special bond), Ellie and Emma. Not to mention all of the fun activities they do each day. I know Rhea and her team have been working hard throughout, including the entire duration on lockdown and I am sure you are so proud of them coming into work every day during this difficult and challenging time. Rhea is a real testament to Pepperberry and embodies all of the things a parent could want for someone caring for their child. She’s not only great with the children, but also with us parents. She’s warm, welcoming and very caring. I know from speaking with other parents that they too feel the same about Rhea.”

Mrs Patel – August 2020