Pepperberry aims:

  • Your child’s Health and Safety is paramount. We will meet the needs of young children with appropriate space, facilities and equipment.
  • To create an environment where every child feels secure, valued and confident.
  • Provide activities that are included in the Early Years Foundation Stage and also ensure that the activities meet their individual needs and interests.
  • Acknowledge parents in their role as children’s primary educators and maintain a constant dialogue and relationship with them that produces a shared understanding and mutual respect
  • Maintain a positive learning environment by providing good resources and materials.
  • Track and record progress and skills.
  • Ensure no child is excluded or disadvantaged because of race, culture or religion, background, special educational needs, disability, gender or ability.
  • Our policy is that all children should feel included, secure, valued and, of most importantly, happy.

At Pepperberry we ensure all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We recognise the importance of early achievement in basic skills. We have daily Literacy and Numeracy sessions in each class.

We place great emphasis in our Pre-School rooms on children achieving high levels in these subjects whilst, at the same time, maintaining a commitment to a rich and varied curriculum which extends the children’s understanding and experience of their world. At Pepperberry we are committed to employing fully qualified teachers in our  4-5 classrooms.