Healthy Eating

At Pepperberry we cater for all types of little taste buds and are committed to offering children healthy nutritious and balanced meals.

We are mindful of individual dietary requirements such as vegetarianism and food intolerances, and we ask parents to inform us of these as early as possible.

“Allowing children to experience food from different cultures is something we pride ourselves on, as we feel this widens their experiences of the world around them.”

Our meals are all freshly prepared on the premises.

Menu’s are carefully planned to provide children with their 5 a day seasonal fruit and vegetables, and are presented to ensure mealtimes are an exciting, enjoyable experience for the children. Naturally, we avoid foods containing high levels of saturated fat, sugar, salt or artificial additives, flavourings, preservatives of colourings.

Milk and water is provided for all the children throughout the day. Babies under 12 months are provided with formula milk. If you are breast feeding your baby we can also store and prepare expressed milk for you.