Our Corporate Packages

At Pepperberry House Day Nurseries we value our relationships with employers and other corporate partners.

We provide first class childcare and have the benefit of 20 years experience in both childcare and education. We offer tailored childcare solutions for our corporate partners to make available to their employees as part of a family-friendly benefits package.

We have a dedicated team of staff who work hard to achieve outstanding results with our children, parents and communities.

If you would like to discuss our corporate childcare package, a representative of Pepperberry Day Nursery will visit your workplace to provide the information regarding the bespoke childcare package we offer and to discuss the discounted packages that are available to corporate partners. A visit can then be arranged to view the nursery and other services and to meet with our Nursery Manager.

Reserve Place Contracts

An employer may reserve a minimum of 2 full time annual places for 51 weeks of the year. We are open from 7.30am – 6pm which equates to 5,355 hours pa.

The more full time places that are reserved, the greater the discount. Such reserved place contracts can save up to f 1000 on each full time place.

Pepperberry Day Nurseries use a range of childcare voucher schemes which can also be of benefit in reducing the cost to employees.

Workplace Nursery Partnerships

Workplace Nursery Partnerships are an ideal solution for employers who do not have the available space to accommodate their own on-site nursery or who do not employ sufficient numbers of staff to justify an on-site nursery.

Subject to satisfying HMRC requirements, under the scheme your company buys a number of places and your employees could then enter into a salary sacrifice scheme, thereby giving up part of their salary, equal to the cost of the nursery place. The saving to the employee is that this amount would be tax & NI contribution free. There is the additional advantage to employers of the saving on employer NI contributions.