50-60 months Pre-School2 Peppers

Our two Pre-School units are headed by an early years qualified teacher. Our Pre-School 2 unit is housed in our purpose built Pre-School classroom with free-flow indoor/outdoor play.
The early years of a child’s education is critical in their overall personal development. The children are encouraged to make informed choices about which resources they want to use. Independent child led learning opportunities are encouraged alongside adult supported structured activities ensure your child can investigate their chosen activities.
At Pepperberry we believe that making learning enjoyable at an early age stimulates a child’s ideas and passion for learning, and has a positive impact on their ability to master the solid foundations of reading, writing and number work on which all future learning is based. Our individual reading scheme ensures a varied curriculum is offered to each child. Observations and assessments of emerging skills underpin their knowledge ready for primary education. We are proud to say that our children are always ‘school ready’ when they leave us. Close links with local schools ensure the transition between Pepperberry and their new primary school is as smooth as possible.