The Learning Journey

The learning journey is a continuous process which involves children, staff and parents.

We know it is hard leaving your little one and hope to make the transition as easy as possible. Therefore, at Pepperberry we offer a safe, stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors which reflects our commitment to your individual child’s needs. “You are welcome to join us for a taster session”.

Each child is given a ‘key person’.

The key person will get to know all the special details of how you care for your child to help them feel cherished, confident and able to express themselves fully. They will help your child build relationships with other adults and children and give them a safe, secure and consistent base to return to when they need to.

They will usually be the one to soothe, feed and change your child and is in the best position to understand their needs and to share information with you about their day at nursery.

The key person will be responsible for your child’s learning journey, observing them in their play so activities can be planned to your child’s own interests.

They will also collect information to build up an accurate picture of what your child knows, understands and can do. The learning journey captures important moments, planned and spontaneous, and is focused on your child in everyday activities.

By supporting and extending your child’s knowledge and understanding, the child is prepared for the transition from nursery to the school environment.

It is our belief that a child who is happy, confident and has an early understanding of literacy and numeracy skills will go further with their education and thus have every opportunity to shine.

We have used and refined our methods in our flagship nursery ‘Auckland House’ and we will be continuing our success by utilising our expertise in Pepperberry Nursery.

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