At Pepperberry Day Nursery we try to ensure that our nursery environment supports the child during the settling in process and therefore support the child’s continuity of care. We aim to ensure that whilst your child is within our care we are following a similar and comforting routine that is familiar to them.

Each room within our nursery has its own routine as a guidance and this is followed daily to enable each child complete stability whilst with us, as this predictable routine supports each child in adapting and establishing themselves into our nursery, however in Baby Peppers (0-1 year) the staff will follow whatever the routine you have at home.

This routine offers a structure to enable children to be clear and understand what is coming next, building upon their familiarity of routine however each planned play opportunity be it small group time, outside play etc. offers flexibility and plenty of choice enabling each child the opportunity for discovery and learning through a good balance of adult and child-initiated activities in which they can actively engage within.

We offer the children a broad and balanced curriculum which follows The Early Years Foundation Stage. We offer a variety of activities, both planned and free choice, which provide opportunities to learn through play.

We run a carefully-planned programme of themes/topics throughout the year to ensure that the children are given a wide range of active, real-life and everyday experiences to ensure their learning about their world. These themes/topics are chosen to reflect the children’s interests and include visits in and around the locality.

We offer a mixture of active and quiet times throughout the day and the children have opportunities to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities. We take every opportunity to further individual children’s communication skills in speaking and listening. We encourage the children to look at books and seek opportunities to read stories to and with them.

We develop early Mathematic skills through everyday routines, as well as through planned experiences and games. We provide activities which engage the children in problem solving and investigation. We stimulate the children’s imaginative and creative development through a range of activities, including: role play; a variety of painting, modelling and drawing experiences, both planned and free-choice; singing and dancing to music as well as listening to music and playing instruments.

We encourage the children to make choices and decisions during free play. We also expect them, supported by adults, to take appropriate responsibility for the care and maintenance of resources.