Sense of Identity

At Pepperberry Day Nursery we aim to ensure that every child feels accepted and has a strong sense of belonging whilst at our nursery as once this is achieved each child will feel comfortable enough to explore and investigate from a secure basis which forms the foundations for play and learning through play.

We work towards achieving this as soon as your child registers with us. Each child on registration is assigned their own coat peg that has their name and photograph on it so each day when they arrive they have their own personal space within the nursery where their personal belongings can go. This soon becomes recognized as being their space and an area that is familiar to them within the setting.

In the rooms children are also part of routine boards and welcome boards. Here photos of themselves and friends are shown as well as on displays demonstrating their first hand experiences having fun, and hands on learning whilst embarking on activities and creative play throughout the nursery day. Photos of the children from the foundations for many of our displays and boards within the rooms to enable the parents to see the enjoyment that the children are having daily as well as sharing these experiences with them.

Exercises and activities such as these all support each child in settling into the nursery as they promote a sense of belonging this in turn results in each child being confident and feeling accepted and safe which builds upon confidence as a whole. Confidence then manifests itself into broadening a child’s horizons which then leads to children trying new activities, speaking in large and small groups as well as having and forming new relationships alongside many other new challenges, of which all of these are key and important skills that children need to acquire.

Each person should be valued as an individual, with differing social, intellectual and cultural backgrounds, different needs, likes, dislikes, similarities and differences are respected and celebrated.

Everyone has a right to feel valued and respected regardless of their race, religion, gender and cultural beliefs. Pepperberry will uphold this ethos and challenge inappropriate or derogatory remarks or practice.

We will hold discussions with parents/carers before their child starts at Pepperberry regarding their child’s specific, emotional, medical, cultural and religious needs.

We value parents/carers as their children’s primary educators and staff will work closely with parents/carers to share information and experiences as well as being positive role models for the children in their care.

We will provide for cultural, religious and medical needs at snack and mealtimes.

We will celebrate a variety of festivals and special events and parents/carers will be invited to share with us any festivals or special occasions.

Children in our care will learn about their own culture and the culture of other children by sharing books, eating food from around the world and celebrating special festivals and events and by attending special events within the area.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all children to encourage them to reach their full potential. We will adapt activities to the child’s ability and stage of development providing additional resources and support if required.

We purchase, organise and monitor equipment, toys, books and resources to reflect diversity in the immediate and wider society. We display positive images of differing races, cultures, religions, social groups, physical abilities, disabilities and gender in and around the nursery.

All children will have equal access to activities, visits and trips where ever possible and we will seek additional support from other multi professional agencies if required.

Everyone will be encouraged to have respect and value for one another.

Staff will help children to understand that it is inappropriate to judge someone because of their gender, colour, beliefs, disability or social background. Explanations are given to children to support this.

We challenge inappropriate practices and attitudes promptly and will record inappropriate racist or sexist comments made by everyone. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment is tolerated.